Travel India Jogeshwari Caves


Jogeshwari Caves in Mumbai Jogeshwari Caves, dating back to 520 to 550 AD, are some of the earliest Hindu cave temple sculptures located off the Western Express Highway in Jogeshwari (East) in northern Mumbai (Bombay). They are a 45-minute journey Read more ›

Travel India Kanheri Caves


  When we think of caves, we visualize locations in inaccessible places hidden amidst deep forests. Some caves were carved out in inaccessible places because of fear of prosecution by kings and rulers of different faiths, or due to the Read more ›

Travel India Bhimbetka Caves


  Earliest Human Settlements in India The Bhimbetka Caves, or Bhimbetka Rock Shelters, (also known as ‘Bhim Baithaka’ meaning Bhim’s seat), located at the southern edge of the Vindhyachal Hills, 45 km south of Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh, contain 15,000 Read more ›

Travel India Ratnagiri


the land of the Golden Haapus                 or Alphonso Mangoes                                Ratnagiri is a small idyllic coastal town – 330 kilometres south of Mumbai. It is famous for golden Haapus or Alfonso mangoes and for the horse shoe shaped fort. Haapus Read more ›

Travel India Murud Janjira – the invincible fort


Murud Janjira Murud is a beautiful fishing village on the western coast of India – about 5 hours drive from Bombay (Mumbai). Since it has a municipality, water supply, schools and hospitals, you could even term it a small town. Read more ›

Travel India Dandeli – An idyllic forest destination in India


  Dandeli a little known unique destination in South India Dandeli is a little known, rustic hamlet, near the borders of Maharashtra and Goa in North Karnataka in South India. Dandeli is the gate way into the dense virgin forests Read more ›

Travel India Lonavala and Khandala


  The most popular week end get aways from Mumbai Lonavala and Khandala are two twin hill stations in Maharashtra eight kilometres from each other. They are just over a hundred kilometres from Mumbai (Bombay). The National Highway No. 4 Read more ›