Aam Aadmi Party, ex Bureaucrats and Politics

Aam Aadmi Party, ex Bureaucrats and Politics


Yesterday night, I was shocked to watch and hear Arvind Kejriwal’s comments
in the TV show Aap Ki Adalat.

Earlier, I have been astonished to hear comments by General V K Singh about

the Supreme Court decision on his age dispute.

And I have been amused to see Asaram Bapu’s supporters ranting to the


Right to contest elections and dream big

Every one, including ex Bureaucrats, and even Babas have a right to contest

the elections, and dream of becoming the Prime Minister, Chief Minister,

Minister, MP or MLA. But people who have retired as a General or Cabinet

Secretary or some other high position have handled very sensitive files and

documents. They should never talk about such things in public in private.

General V K Singh

How can he compare his age dispute with that of a 17 year old rapist?

The Supreme Court does not admit cases of age disputes of government

servants directly.

The affected person has to come through a serious of judicial hierarchy.

The Supreme Court did a favour in hearing the General directly. Probably this

should not have been done.

Then, there are procedures and a plethora of decisions on how age disputes of

Government employees should be agitated and resolved.

Commenting on the Supreme Court was in very bad taste.

Then he stated that he had evidence against a subordinate offering him bribe.

But he could never produce the evidence.

Then his statement in public  about the bribes and payments made to

politicians in Kashmir are actually crimes punishable under the Military Act

and the Official Secrets Act.

Surely he knows all this….

 Asharam and his son Narayan Sai

Asaram Bapu is in jail. His son Narayan Sai announced he will form an all India
political party. His supporters harp on the delay in filing the various


There are so many charges against both father and son. There are a plethora of
illegal constructions……

If he is innocent, he should appear before the police and the and the courts

and answer the different questions.

Why is he running away?

 Arvind Kejriwal

In the interview yesterday, Arvind said that he was a Commissioner of Income
Tax when he resigned, and that every Inspector in the Income Tax

Department earns at least Rs. 1 crore per year……He left the department and

all this money for the common man.

 The fact is he was not a Commissioner – but only an Addl. Commissioner of

Income Tax when he resigned. All this ranting about the earning of an

Inspector of Income Tax of Rs. 1 crore is sheer bakwas. How many cases of

Inspectors amassing this kind of money did he come across? How many

inspectors did he take action against during his long career.

Then he did not mention that his wife continues to work in the same Income

Tax Department as Additional Commissioner of Income Tax. Personally, I do

not know them. But by the same logic, she must be earning tens of crores of

rupees every year. What is his answer to this logic?

Anna Hazare thought politics is dirty and chose to remain aloof. But Arvind

has entered Politics and he is already talking like a Chief Minister…….May be

one day his dreams will come true.

But as I said, he has a right to contest elections and dream big,,,,but without

telling silly lies about his ex colleagues and sub ordinates.

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4 thoughts on “Aam Aadmi Party, ex Bureaucrats and Politics

  1. Tulsidas Kansara on

    Politics is definately dirty.
    When I joined the Bank, after my Graduation in 1968, as a clerk-typist, I was rebal..and became Local Secretary
    during the time of EMERGENCY …thereafter….I received dirty letters from opponent group in Ahmedabad v/s Mumbai….at that time one Mr.Cutto was top boss of the union…and teared off those letters…took a decision…and started for the preparation for exam to have carrer of Officer…and at first go become Training Officer, two years training and Officer Grade I….and when after retirement I met you, in Mumbai, as an ex-Assistant General Manager…
    I had rich experience of Income Tax Department as well as hubby and wife working in the same bank, same department etc. And there are number of such cases…not recorded ….but the union politics also became worst when I was working at Ahmedabad, Rajkot….etc. like termite the entire system was overpowered by these people particularly in Ahmedabad and Gujarat and chief of the Circle also fearing or compromising with such people whose loyalty to themselves were in doubt because of their value system…

  2. B R Mishra on

    Dear Sir

    I had paid a hefty amount as part payment to a builder in Hyderabad.As there is no progress(its around 2 yrs) and no response I am getting from the builder I want to cancell the booking & get back the money.Can I file in consumer court.
    Kindly advice as I am staying in Mumbai & case has to be filed in hyderabad what are other mode of filing in cdistrict consumer court as amount invilve is less than 20 lacs.

    kindly advice in e mail bhaba.mishra@sbt.co.in

  3. Sir I have booked a flat in virar in 2009 and I was suppose to get the possession in 2012 as per the agreement. However, the flat was ready in 2014 for possession and since I’m working in Indian navy and getting transferred time to time. But I have been intimating the builder through a registered post letter about my change of address. But I have never got any reply from builder on those letters. It is pertinent to mention that the agreement paper it is mention that the change of address needs to be intimated through affidavit. Now in in 2015 builder sends me a mail and asking for balance payment including the interest on the balance payment. I have told him I’m not interested now to take the possession because of his poor service and late possession. He is trying to threat me on phone and telling me that he us now going to hand over the building to society. Kindly advice me how to go about it.kindly suggest.

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