How to Fight Corruption Effectively … Sequel

Now an Income Tax Officer is arrested for taking bribe

Now, an Income Tax Officer is arrested in Thane for taking bribe .
The following news item gives the facts.
At one time, lady government officers were expected to be honest. But times have changed.
Undisputably, there cannot be any gender discrimination. It is therefore only natural that the malaise has spilled over to the fair sex.

News Item

Woman I-T officer caught accepting Rs 1.5 lakh bribe

Nitin Yeshwantrao, TNN Nov 2, 2012, 02.44AM IST

THANE: A woman income tax (I-T) officer was remanded in police custody till Saturday after being caught red-handed by CBI sleuths accepting a bribe from a Thane builder. Accused Madhavi Chavan was picked up from the Wagle Estate I-T office late on Wednesday after she accepted Rs 1.5 lakh from Sandeep Salvi, a partner in a construction firm which has projects in Chiplun and Roha in the Konkan region.

Salvi and his associate Rajabhau Patkar had complained to the anti-corruption wing of the CBI in Mumbai about the alleged harassment and cash demand made by Chavan. They claimed Chavan had contacted them in September and said her superiors had issued orders for scrutiny of their tax papers. Patkar claimed Chavan asked them to pay Rs 10 lakh to cancel the scrutiny orders.

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11 thoughts on “How to Fight Corruption Effectively … Sequel

  1. Thank you for your write ups showing the moral courage and integrity of the writer himself. You are very correct that people of India are not only tolerant of corruption but actually they tacitly or even openly encourage the same. We feel very much indebted to you for opening our eyes to the truth behind the menace of corruption. In fact it is high time that you yourself started a movement without any personal ambition against this poison. From your writings it is clear you can do it.

  2. Hemant Agarwal on

    Power Corrupts, AND
    Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely.

    The lure of money over-rides all ethics and self-respect. Hardly anybody is an exception to this lure.

    Corruption is a part of Kal-Yug and it was a part of the Sat-Yug too. There are other scores of corrupt public authorities out there and the general public is sort of fed-up with them.

    Keep Smiling …. Hemant Agarwal
    Legal Consultants: 9820174108

  3. Cases of Corruption involving women may be less but not rare.
    There was a case of South Indian Lady Officer involved in Allahabad Bank Fraud case with considerable large amount and it was news item in ’90s.

    Binoyjee…If I come across further details, I shall let you know

  4. KAILAT on

    The root cause of corruption is rules & regulations, act ,etc.

    Make people supreme, make laws simple transparent Any one should be able to understand and follow. The maze of all acts,laws 7 regulations make the corrupt
    to take advantage.

    All public servants should declare their wealth & with effective independent lokpal
    ant one should be able to appeal to them on any corruption issues.Give severe punishment to the guilty so that it acts as deter ant to anyone to be corrupt. If we can make the mind set uncorrupt then all can be happy.

  5. RTI union should collect all this cases of corruption & forward it to the Chief Minister Mr.Prithviraj Chavan & Ms Sonia Gandhi who are suppose to be working against corruption & have a good image.

  6. What is more important is transparency.
    The relevent rules should be given due publicity.
    For instance, the fire department has been given the license to do safety checks.
    Very Good.
    But they should publish the norms…what a building, nursing home and hospital should have. Of course, not hypothetical applicances which would never be installed…but only increase corruption.
    But what can and should be done….
    The concerned people should be allowed to consult experts and instal equipments accordng to their recommendations.

  7. Mon amigo on

    The way to curb corruption is to reform the electoral process.
    Make it possible to win an election without spending huge sums of money.
    Using IT & bio-metrics, make it possible for anyone to vote from anywhere in India.
    Government should have only regulatory role leaving out all business to private sector.
    Transgression of law by bureaucrats, politicians, police and judiciary should result in award of double the normal punishment.
    Time limit for criminal justice should be 2 years and that for civil justice 3 years.

  8. Dear Sir,

    My name is Philip Dsilva, I am 50 years old,

    Sir, I need a advice from you how to file a case against a placement agencies in mumbai who cheat job seeker, they charge 9.5 lakhs and they give receipt only Rs.60,000.00

    Sir, i paid 9.5 lakhs but they given me Rs.60,000 receipt only. i need undercover agent to catch this agencies in red handed by Anti-corruption.

    Kindly advice me what to do.

    Philip Dsilva

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  10. Sounds like a great read do love my cowboys. Sorry that the other two took a bit to get into but glad it worked out.

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