Travel India Chidambaram


Unique Temple of the Formless Shiva I have visited Chidambaram several times for three reasons. · To meander through the Mangrove Forests of Pichavaram to the beach beyond. · To visit, attend or give lectures at the Annamalai University. · Read more ›

Travel India Dwarka


The Real Atlantis  The western most of Adi Shankaracharya’s Four Dhams Some time ago, my mother wanted me to take her to Dwarka, the last of the Four Dhams of Adi Shankaracharya (we had already visited the other three). The Read more ›

Travel India Haldi (Turmeric)


Spices of India The oldest spice known to us   If you visit tourist places in Goa and Kerala, you can visit spice gardens.Some plantation owners have improvised their spice gardens into tourist attractions.You can see a variety of plants Read more ›

Travel India Jagannath Puri or Puri


World Famous Ratha Yatra Jagannath Puri, or simply Puri, is one of Adi Shankaracharya’s Char Dhams (or Four Places of Pilgrimage) located in the four corners of India. The other three are: Badrinath in the North (Himalayas); Dwarka in the Read more ›

Travel India Murud Janjira – the invincible fort


Murud Janjira Murud is a beautiful fishing village on the western coast of India – about 5 hours drive from Bombay (Mumbai). Since it has a municipality, water supply, schools and hospitals, you could even term it a small town. Read more ›

Travel India Matheran – the pollution free resort


Matheran Matheran is a no-vehicle zone… so go ahead and walk in the clouds at this hill-station. Prized, protected: Rain clouds, dense mist It is the only hill-station where any kind of public or private transport is prohibited by law; Read more ›

Travel India Travel India Mahabalipuram – Site of a Lost City


Mahabalipuram Site of a lost City On 26th December 2004, the killer Tsunami waves struck the shores of Mahabalipuram. When the waters receded, there were rumours that they had left behind some statues, rock carvings and remains of what could Read more ›

Travel India Kodaikanal – the Gift of the Forest


Kodaikanal The Tamil word Kodaikanal which means ‘Gift of the Forest’ aptly describes this quaint, little, hill station. No other name could describe this place better! Nestling deep amidst thick forests, Kodaikanal is a unique hill station where you would Read more ›

Travel India Ranthambore – the land of the Tiger


An Amalgam of Antiquity and Nature How about a vacation under the shadows of one of the oldest fort in India – with tigers for company at breakfast and tea ? Ranthambore is the place I selected. History The magnificent Read more ›