Sanjiv Bhatt, Police and Politics


Sanjiv Bhatt, Police and Politics. I have just seen the following article on a popular website. It is most distressing and dangerous. IPS officer Sanjiv R. Bhatt suspended Posted by: “Anjlee Pandya” Fri Aug 12, 2011 10:54 pm (PDT) ———- Forwarded message Read more ›

Haryana ex-DGP S P S Rathore Convicted


It took the legal system 19 years and 400 hearings to convict and sentence the former DGP to 6 months imprisonment and fine of Rs. 1000 for molesting a teen……..who was driven to commit suicide  S S Rathore, (who retired Read more ›

Travel India Supreme Court of India


Supreme Court of India on our bureaucracy Even God cannot save this country………   Supreme Court of India, New Delhi, August 5, 2008 The Supreme Court was hearing a case relating to unauthorised occupation of Government accommodation.