Capital Punishment

Hanged….what if he was innocent
Capital Punishment is an extremely controversial subject.
When ever a heinous crime is committed which enrages the general public, the outrage is understandingly very strong calling for the capital punishment.
All countries in the world had capital punishment in their legal systems.
But most of them are abolishing it.

Britain had capital punishment for more than 200 offences – including some extremely trivial offences.
Two centuries ago, in 1808, Sir Samuel Romilly introduced reforms to abolish the death penalty for some of the capital offences in what he termed England’s “Bloody Code”.
Finally, the entire European Union totally abolished capital punishment for all offences.

Today, 135 countries have abolished the death penalty, in law or practice.                                                                                                 
In 2006, 1591 persons were executed in 25 countries.
Unfotunately, 91 per cent of these executions were carried out in six countries – China, Iran, Pakistan, Iraq, Sudan and the USA.

Apart from the unfortunate fact, that time and again, innocent persons have been convicted, and even executed, there is no evidence to show that execution has ever deterred crime.

is surprising that even today USA, Japan and even India have retained capital punishment.

Hon’ble Justice V. R. Krishna Iyer of the Supreme Court is convinced that India in its penological reform from Macaulay to Mahatma will wipe out the bloodstained sentence of judicial verdict.    
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I have done considerable study of this subject.
I have written a book  Hanged ….What if he was Innocent  
which is being published through Booksurge of U.S., a subsidiary
of in September 2009.

This book is a fictionalised study of our more than two centuries experimentation with capital punishment – packed with facts and laws. You can not come to a correct conclusion about the correctness of capital punishment unless you know the facts …………………….

This book is a mine of factual information about Capital Punishment.
Read it and arrive at your own conclusion.

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2 thoughts on “Capital Punishment

  1. I am with you in this matter of abolishing capital punishment. It is the worst one can do to other human, that also in this age and time. I think India must work towards abolishing it now. Some one has to bring up this issue in India.

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