Travel India Whale Sharks


Whale Sharks “Whale Sharks are the largest fish in the sea, and yet, we know the least about them,” Jeff Swanagan, Executive Director and President, declared shortly after the opening of the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, U.S. Seeing a Whale Shark Read more ›

Travel India Supreme Court of India


Supreme Court of India on our bureaucracy Even God cannot save this country………   Supreme Court of India, New Delhi, August 5, 2008 The Supreme Court was hearing a case relating to unauthorised occupation of Government accommodation.

Travel India Social Inequality


Social Inequality  The extent of social inequality in India – even after 6 decades of independence, is to say the least, unbelievably appalling. Our politicians, whose primary job is to reduce, if not remove, social inequality, clearly believe in the Read more ›

Travel India Jogeshwari Caves


Jogeshwari Caves in Mumbai Jogeshwari Caves, dating back to 520 to 550 AD, are some of the earliest Hindu cave temple sculptures located off the Western Express Highway in Jogeshwari (East) in northern Mumbai (Bombay). They are a 45-minute journey Read more ›

Travel India Medical Tourism Cataract


Medical Tourism  Ophthalmological Treatment in India – Cataract India is the ideal location for all types of cataract surgeries…….from cheap sutureless Small Incision Cataract Surgeries to sophisticated micro Phaco surgeries with the most advanced implanted lenses. Cataract surgeries take about Read more ›

Travel India Medical Tourism – Ophthalmological Treatment


Ophthalmological Treatment in India Why should patients from the West come to countries like India for medical treatment? The answer is two fold:

Travel India Kanheri Caves


  When we think of caves, we visualize locations in inaccessible places hidden amidst deep forests. Some caves were carved out in inaccessible places because of fear of prosecution by kings and rulers of different faiths, or due to the Read more ›

Medical Tourism Inc.


American Medical Association (AMA’s) Guidance on medical tourism The AMA issued the following Press Release on June 16, 2008. For the first time, the AMA has accepted the practicability of Medical Tourism. Press Release Dated: June 16, 2008 CHICAGO — Read more ›

Travel India Saving the Mangroves of Mumbai


Once upon a time, Bombay (Mumbai) had vast areas of mangrove forests. Over the years, most of these  were cut down. And the Maharashtra Government and its impotent officials remained mute spectators. Bombay High Court to the rescue In India, Read more ›

Travel India Dalchini (Cinnamon)


  Spices of India Spice Gardens If you visit tourist places in Goa and Kerala, you can visit spice gardens. Some plantation owners have improvised their spice gardens into tourist attractions. You can see a variety of plants where different Read more ›