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  1. S. Basavaraj on

    Seasons Greetings to you Sir!!

    We are in touch through RTIU wherein I find your posts very helpful and obviously with a lot of insight. Your keenness to help is palpable in your mails.

    Hope to meet you someday.

    With Regards,
    S. Basavaraj

  2. Rajesh Sahoo on

    Dear Sir

    I Rajesh Kumar Sahoo have bought a Two and half BHK flat from Amanora Park town a City Group company Pune (Flat no 0320804 R1 sector 32 Tower Eight Floor) on 01 Oct 2009 and as per agreement they have to give me possession on or before 31st Dec 2011. But they have failed to do that and they are late by nearly 24 months and as per the agreement they were supposed to pay 9 % interest to me for the delay period . Where as they have charged me a 15 % interest from the date of issue of demand letter for my delay in disbursement , I am ready to pay that amount but they should also comply to the agreement, But for which they are giving useless excuses for refunding the total delay amount. I have written many mails and also have many meeting with the CFO Amanora to resolve my issue.
    I have being following the progress from the start of the project but that time they told that we will deliver the flat on time if not you will get the compensation as per the agreement, so nothing to worry. But now they are giving the excuse that due to new fire fighting norms the delay has happed after the fire at Maharashtra secretariat in 21 June 2012 ,so they have to install fire fighting system in the building. I have the argument that they have not done any thing extra that is in National building code 2006 for high rise building (My building is of total 22 floor), they were trying to skip the code but due to this miss happening they have to do in compulsion.
    Second thing is that this thing was happed in 21 June 2012 but my possession was on or before 31st Dec 2011.
    They are telling that we have to spend extra cost for this fire fighting system but if they have knowingly or unknowingly not included the cost in my agreement cost I am not responsible for that. I am a Consumer/ Customer and I am not doing any business or I am not the partner of the company to share the losses of the company.
    Third point is that they are telling that you have a price appreciation because of them but it is not true the same appreciation is also outside Amanora.

    I told them that when I have purchased the flat the interest rates were 9 % and the compensation was also 9 % but now the interest is 11% whereas I am not asking them to pay 11% of interest, I am not complaining that they have changed the layout plan of the buildings in my cluster for which I have selected the flat by paying more.
    But after so many communication and meeting they are not interested in having communication with me they are rigid about their decision. Please suggest or help me to overcome from this problem. If any details required please call me I will provide you. Please suggest who can I go with the legal proceeding.

    Thanks and Regards
    Rajesh Kumar Sahoo


    E mail To CFO Amanora Mr. Pradeep Kataria

    On Wednesday, 20 November 2013 11:18 PM, RAJESH KUMAR SAHOO wrote:
    Dear Sir;

    I Rajesh Kumar Sahoo a customer of Amanora Park Town Flat no 0320804 R1 sector wants to draw your kind attention to the fact that, I came to Amanora many times to settle the delay compensation payments before lease deed but no one was able to solve my problem, Mr. Faheem Sayed and Mrs Harsada Gaikwad are telling only Rs. 1, 22,000 is to be refunded to me. Where as I have told my calculation is about Rs 5, 30,000 which Amanora has to pay to me as per the agreement we have. I have written many mails and as no one is responding to my mail, I am writing this mail for your information and necessary action as I am very much stressed mentally and physically due to this reason.

    As on today’s date(31st oct 2013) I have paid you Rs. 42, 05,974 against disbursement and Service Tax, where as per actual the disbursement (Rs.41,04,680) and Service Tax (Rs. 73405) comes to Rs. 41,78,085. This difference is Rs 27,889 which has to be returned to me along with the delay compensation amount of Rs. 5, 05,000 approximate (9% as per clause 20.1). I have to also pay you the delay in my payment of RS 5,000 approximate (15-18 % as per clause 3.4). I would like to say that you have also taken interest from me from the date of writing the demand letter. So kindly refund my Rs. 5,27,889 in my bank account. My bank account details are as follows. After my full settlement only we will go for lease deed.

    HSBC Account no 105646590006
    IFSC: HSBC0411002

    I am expecting a quick and positive response from your side.
    I will wait for your response till 30th Nov 21013, if you also ignore my mail, just as your other colleague than I will not have any option other than going for legal judgment.

    Thanks and Regards
    Flat no 0320804 R1 sector
    Mobile No. 9637539639

  3. Geeta Seshadri on

    I brought a sari for my daughter in chrnnai this year for my son’s wedding costing Rs.11,100 on 28th june 2014. From a renowed shop.The shop instructed us we must only dryclean the sari. We gave it for dry clean all the blue foloue frm the border has come on the main sari which is the whole sari is spolit n she cannot use it. The cleaner blsmes the srller n the seller blsmes the drycleaner

  4. Ronald on

    Complaint about society inaction about water problem even when letter obtained form BMC. wish to file a complaint with the consumer redresal forum. would like to know whether the complaint has to be addressed to all the committee member in other words should all the committee members be made a party to the complaint ?

  5. MSRMURTY on

    Sir, I have purchased flat 2010. Til not give a OC From builder.He said, on that time two partners now both are device. So we con not give. In case what can I do? Under this how many types of cases like consumer etc. Any possible documents on net. Pl provide addresses

  6. Sp on


    My neighbor who is a teacher in a near by school DOING TUITIONS and is forcibly making parking in front of our house without our prior permission . If we go on to tell her husband(a lawyer ) who is a drunker often drinks comes up and shouts loudly trying to threaten us and has many times misbehaved my parents. Her husband is showing us the power of his black coat, harashing troubling us a lot.

    Tuitions should not be done at home. The lady (my neighbor ) is knowingly doing so, for such irresponsible behaviour we have put “NO PARKING “ BOARD in our house still not only she is overlooking the no parking matter but is asking her students to park “only” in front of our house. Even sir she is making her students throw stones at our house.

    If she would have asked descently to my parents that only for tuition she needs her student to park in front of our house ,my parents would consider but she nor her husband feel even the necessity of asking for parking permission They think its “THERE RIGHT” to park.

    A lawyer by profession should abide by rules but since he has been our neighbor he is using his profession for his own selfish motives .

    I therefore request you sir,please kindly help me regarding the above matter.

  7. Dear Sir,

    I have got call from Bajaj Person for personal Loan of Rs. 5lac/- for which i have to take policy & they told me to pay Rs.16666/- as 2 months EMI which i paid to ” Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Co. Ltd.” through net banking & also filled appliacation forms.

    Now Bajaj people are saying that it was a fraud call but they are not saying anything about the payment which i have paid online.

    I have checked with Local Bajaj Allianz office & they are saying that amount which i paid is correct means there is no spelling mistake like Bajaj Alliance etc. but since i did online payment only head office can confirm this.
    Now i have paid them but no policies are issued against my name.

    I have also filed FIR at local police station but Police & local Bajaj People are saying that if i file in consumer court than my money will be refunded quickly,

    What is your suggestion on this?

    Please guide me.


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